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Ian K. Smith

Clean & Lean

Clean & Lean, by Dr. Ian K. Smith, is his definitive word on nutrition and physiology. He shares the benefits of intermittent fasting as well as 30 fresh foods that can be endlessly combined to prepare a variety of meals and snacks. There is a 30 day diet plan as well as customised exercise plans that energize and accelerate results.

The Clean 20

In The Clean 20 learn how to reduce unhealthy processed foods in one's diet, which is a key to weight loss, disease prevention, and overall health. Dr. Ian K. Smith focuses on twenty clean foods to find, prepare and incorporate into one's diet. Included is a clean eating program, a daily meal plan, 60 recipes and substitutions, and workouts. Learn to choose foods wisely while still satisfying the nutritional needs and the palate. Get nutrition and your palate in sync, and weight loss follows.

Blast the Sugar Out

Through Blast the Sugar Out, learn to eat well while controlling carbohydrates and dropping pounds. Ian K. Smith MD offers a 5 week plan to lose weight fast. Dr. Ian's plan includes simple, affordable, accessible food and 50+ sugar swaps. Follow his plan to lower your blood sugar levels, decrease fat and increase lean muscle.


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