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Andrew Weil MD

Mind Over Meds

In Mind Over Meds, Dr. Weil discusses the problem of overmedicating. He challenges readers to consider the dangers of relying on pharmaceuticals that can lead to side effects such as drug dependency and adverse drug reactions. Dr. Weil discusses how overmedicating became a problem and presents evidence that drugs are not the best option. He discusses reliable integrative medicine approaches to treating ailments such as the common cold, allergies, high blood pressure and depression. Also included are case histories, healthy alternative treatments as well as input from other leading physicians.

Health and Healing

In Health and Healing by Andrew Weil M.D., shares a comprehensive blend of traditional and alternative methods that help to achieve better health in the modern world. Learn to take control of your life and your health as he shares information about alternative healing practices such as holistic medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, and Chinese medicine. Understand how these practices differ from conventional approaches.

Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing

On this audio CD, Dr. Andrew Weil offers eight breathing exercises for self-healing. He explains how breathing influences and reprograms the nervous system.


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